NOTE: See the FAQ at the bottom of this page to understand what this all means.


Onewheel GT was announced at the same time as the Pint X on October 27th 2021, however it did not start shipping until March of 2022.

  6400 6404 6407 6408
6064 Confirmed Confirmed
6069 Private
6070 Private
6071 Private
6100 Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed
6109 Suspected Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed
6110 Suspected Suspected Confirmed Suspected

Pint X

Onewheel Pint X was announced October 27th 2021.

5076 Confirmed


Onewheel Pint was announced March 13th 2019 at a small event in New York

  5300 5301 5302 5314 5315
5040 Confirmed
5042 Confirmed Confirmed
5046 Confirmed
5050 Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed
5059 Private Suspected
5069 Private Suspected


Onewheel+ XR was announced at CES 2018.

  4206 4208 4209 4210 4211 4212 4213
4107 Confirmed
4117 Confirmed
4134 Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed
4142 Confirmed
4144 Private
4150 Private Private Confirmed
4152 Private Private
4155 Private
4161 Private
4162 Private


Onewheel Plus was announced at CES 2017.

  3206 3208
4000 Confirmed
4001 Confirmed
4020 Confirmed
4031 Confirmed
4034 Confirmed Confirmed


The original board which started off as a kickstarter on January 7th 2014. The initial kickstarter boards started shipping April 4th 2015. This board would later be discontinued in favour of the Onewheel Plus

  1206 2206
3034 Confirmed
3040 Confirmed
3056 Confirmed Confirmed

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all these numbers?

The numbers at the top of each table is the board hardware, often abbreviated to hw. This is the physical chip inside the board.

The numbers down the side of each table is the board firmware, often abbreviated as fw. This is the software that runs on the board itself.

Why can't I update to the latest firmware on my older board?

🤷‍♂️. FM decides what boards can run what firmware.

What does confirmed, private and suspected mean?

These are the different states of availability.

I don't want to update my firmware, not updating my app will protect me from that right?

No. But you can read more about that here.